Well today it’s Sunday, I’m pissed off , raw , sore and feeling sorry for myself. I need a beer but I’m trying to be good. My last drink was on Monday, it’s still Sunday. I stopped drinking so I could start medication for some tooth shit , Tuesday they drilled a hole in my jaw and screwed a pin in it which one day will host a new tooth. The medication lasted until yesterday, I’m still alive. But I need a drink. I decided to have my filters and organs scanned next Wednesday, so I will not return to beer until after that. Flushing out the toxins. Next Tuesday I start a diet so to have the perfect scan, basically eat nothing for 36 hours which will be hard , especially after not drinking for seven days. I wrote a new ebook inspired by a young lady who served me beer and hates the sight of me. In the ebook she becomes an assassin, if she was really an assassin I would be her number one victim, no tooth shit , no scanning shit no need to worry about diets. But I’m still alive and I need a drink. I saw the would be assassin at lunch time , she still hates me , just like all the other ladies I flirt with, they are pushed to smile at me to keep me buying beer, I reply while drinking beer , and things go off the rails, because the beer makes me love all of them , and they hate me for this even though they started it. Now they hate me twice as much because I’m in front of them and not drinking beer but something that looks like beer but is actually lemon tea. I’m not going to help pay their wages if I don’t drink enough beer. I still need a drink because I see them hating me and ignoring and mocking me. They want me back on the drink so they have something to do and someone to pay their wages if I ask for a date then I’m put on the shit list like every other Saturday. So if she smiles and I drink she’s happy as long as I keep quiet but we all drink to be heard. So now I’m still alive drinking tea and seeing all these rascals hate me. So I read a book a dirty old man Bukowski fifty years or more ago , same shit , same dilemma same world. Nobody gave a shit back then , nobody gives a shit now. I wrote a new ebook it’s too long and too complicated and it’s about a girl who hates me , and nobody will read it because it’s not cool to read anymore, it’s only cool to wave fake smiles at the dirty old men who are customers hoping they don’t ask you out for a date , even though their pussys are so dry it’s become a national tragedy their boyfriends don’t have time for foreplay and penetration only lasts two minutes and they’ve been with their boyfriend since high school and they can’t break up because it will downgrade your profiles on tiktok , the king and queen can’t break up, they can’t date dirty old men either even though they will get better service, but they need the money for new clothes to show on tiktok with their boyfriend of ten years who needs a map to find her glory hole. I still need a drink , they need the money, they smile , I fall in the trap and to escape I write a new ebook.

This is the new ebook

The new ebook is about a lass who hates me going on holiday with her boyfriend who has covered all the costs , she plans to ditch him after the break and have a better life, she thought it was a great plan until it all went wrong.