Well Billy Butcher can say it , hello cunt, Dani Filth can sing it with Gilded Cunt and therefore I can say it and be it without any objection from the “oh that’s so naughty ” brigade. After my line of thought from yesterday’s vomit of words , hang on I’m fighting with spellchecker, the cunt keeps choosing the words. I still need a drink, I know that is repetitive, five tries to get repetitive correct , fuck I’ll give up soon, where was I ? I need a drink I slept quite well and the withdrawal symptoms only made me use two t-shirts last night. I’m a bunny , no spellchecker I’m a blunt cunt , definitely not a bunny or a funny bunny or honey bunny, this is becoming frustrating, I’m trying to sort things out by writing but like in my real life I’m so fucking blunt , I’m not political or diplomatic or loveable, if it comes into my head I say it and fuck the consequences, no dancing on eggshells or trying to make the bitter pill a little sweeter. I need to drink to stop these missiles firing in the wrong direction. I don’t think I have much more time on this earth so I’m trying to set things straight, be nice , god I hate that and try not to say the wrong shit to the right people and try to say the right shit to the shit people, hmmm . So I had breakfast at the bar and there was only one lass working who hated me , which sounds good but she was the only lass working, when there was dip in customers I went over to her and said can I have a word, she wasn’t impressed, she tried her best to scuttle off , but I had to call her back three times , a world record for me , because normally if anyone doesn’t come back straight away I tell them to go fuck themselves, see I’m improving, so now I had her attention I apologized if I had overstepped the mark in the last week ( spellchecker you cunt… ) And I hope I didn’t invade your privacy or anything , she was so sweet and replied , no , not at all , don’t be silly, she caressed my arm and smiled…. She’s a bad liar because she said one thing , her eyes said another , her legs were still trying to scuttle away while I tried to communicate with her , so basically it seems that not only she hates me she’s also scared shirtless , hmmm shitless of me so after my apology I feel an even bigger cunt for trying to apologize for being a cunt all week. So I drove to work well I tried , I had to wait a whole five minutes to get out of my parking space because of the old aged cunts driving by, where the fuck are they going at this hour , you’re fucking pensioners, stay in bed take your medicine why are you creating smog at this time in the morning for fucks sake. Another few stupid cunts at the roundabout decided to park basically on the roundabout and wouldn’t let us lot pass towards north , ignorant cunts , inpatient cunts ugly fucking cunts , hey I wasn’t the only one swearing , the car in front too !! Maledetto stronzo , testa di minchia , brutto bastardo di merda , hey spellchecker likes Italian… I can swear disgracefully in two languages and I still need a drink. On the open road finally, I saw a huge fucking tank or Range Rover type starship heading towards me , overtaking on an early Monday morning, what a fucking hero , and then I realized what an utter cunt he was because he was also pulling, fortunately, an empty trailer bouncing around at 100kph so basically if I’m a cunt or too blunt then what the fuck am I surrounded by? Enough material to write another ebook with , but I can’t write another ebook until I get a response for my latest ebook that is also full of cunts and this big blunt cunt . Spellchecker will now be tortured.

An ebook full of cunts

There you have it two posts in two days and enough misery to fill a quarry of shit , add that to a new sparkling ebook of tragedy and horror, fuck it must be Christmas or Halloween.