I’m not the only poor sod grasping at some bent twisted straws , at the bar where everyone hates me , a local lad was digging and digging trying his best to persuade the lady to come back to him after seven long years apart , she was not having any of it of course she was polite and smiled and answered his questions, to me they seemed like two old mates remembering the old times , until he left and she told us all of how many messages she receives from him and all the messages she ignores, I just said to her look it’s nice being nice you are a sweetheart for not being cruel but until you cut him off he will still have a midges dick of hope, tell him you are not interested in any kind of relationship and get him off your back , don’t be cruel just firm, why can’t ladies be a little more firm, tell the male he has more chance dating Cleopatra than you, problem solved. I lifted my glass of beer to salute her and her soda water cheers ! Well you might have noticed I’m still alive and I mentioned a beer above, yes they confirmed my liver was in bad shape and I should calm down a bit but all the other gory bits were all looking ok , so no death sentence,I will be living also in 2023 unless the beautiful train of luck pounds my ass into the ground. Cunt of the day telecom Italia for not sorting by internet problems and those thieving cunts of acqualatina for making us have tomorrow a day without water , dirty cunts.

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