When things get too much
Overdoing the coffee
You wear stress
Like your favourite
Summer dress
When you are home alone
Still working
After a fall
Only your pride
Keeps you moving on
Everyone needs to calm down

When you are known
As cruel and heartless
They all fear you
At work
Angry son of a bitch
Distant aloof
Unfriendly uncaring
Over stressed
Over working
Time to count your lucky stars
Calm down

When you feel worthless
When compared to others
When you are a foreigner
Out of your fish bowl
The cats have claws
They study your every move
Wanting you to fall
That we all have
The turtle out of its shell
Toothless crocodile
Time to calm down

Time to take stock
Where do we go now
When you’ve destroyed yourself
Your reputation
In tatters
Morals on the floor
Health a risk
Can’t drink no more
Is it worth carrying on
Would people miss you
Taking a U-turn at fifty
Sounds like a cowards trick
On a razors edges
Every cut a death threat
Wake up dying
With regret
Time to hibernate
Old grizzly bear
Take a cup
Calm down

But she was right
She knows best
Working as a team
We’ll get through this
Am I admired
After all these years
Am I alive
After all I’ve put you through
Do her friends remember me
Even though I’m Mr burbero
So severe heartless
With high blood pressure
Volcanic misfit
Reputation in flames
I rebuild again
I take a sip.
Or two
Calming down