I’ll have to get use to this
Long hours thinking about nothing
Can’t think too much of anyone
Can’t focus on someone
That flowers that sway merrily
Shouldn’t be picked
One little caress and they will die
Beauty is so fucking fragile
Nothing belongs to you
Never was nevermore
It’s not their fault
You failed in everything
And everyone
Be the lonely unapproachable cunt
Be what you deserve
It’s going to be long boring outro
To your miserable life
Winding down slowing down
Grinding to a halt
You are no longer the centre of universe
Not even a dolly on a sideboard
Stained from spilt tea and jam
More unwelcome that the cobwebs
In the hidden corners
In an over clean parlour
Nagging thoughts twittering away
Like birds in spring looking for hay
I can’t look at anyone again
Knowing my success rate lately
Got to stop thinking of romance
Got to stop thinking
And writing
About the possibilities of
A sweet kiss
A kiss that will never be
Condemned to be a hermit
For the rest of humanity
Sitting broken alone
Playing unbeatable games
On my telephone
Knowing very well I can’t win
Just like everything
To survive
But why
As all the problems
Raced through my head
Listing the names of the victims
Of my idiot ways
When did I start this torture
Knowing very well
I will fail miserably
Self afflicted wounds
Hiding them in my poetry
And the verses about them
Failed just like my advances
Everything has left me
Pushing my luck too far
The names repeat again
Giorgia, Aurora , Sara, and more
Martina, Arianna, la bionda , what for
Greta, Francesca one and two
Too many more names to go through
How many women have I trapped in my verses
Lines ridiculous spells and curses
Online in letters and virtually
Everyone was so special to me
The length of the poem as deep as my regret
The negativity a burden and debt
I’m sorry I signed off with yours truly
Then shockingly a found an open window
Because I got a hello and smile from Julie