Final I achieved something
I set out to do
I closed all the doors
So now I’m through
All of my victims
I flirted with
Talked to
Where I wanted to
Have a future with you
How stupid I was
To ever think
Anyone would fall
For the cunt that’s me
So all the possibilities
That where all zero chances
Laughable idiot
Stop it with the romances
With my overthinking mind
And all their beautiful smiles
Another nervous no thank you
No more night on the tiles
I’m sorry I asked and insisted you
But I needed a answer
To cut the cord of hope
That I attached to us.
Now that I’m gone
You can now relax
Because all ties are severed
But my thinking carries on
Now I’m fifty and over the hill
Sick and tired of being ill
Of having dreams of finding love
When all I possess is hate
Only the crazy people look my way
I scare people in the light of day
Too old too foreign too aloof
You scared eyes were enough
What a wanker to even think
Don’t just blame it on the drink
Because when I’m sober I’m haunted by thoughts
And my thoughts they always frame you
You lasted so long in my file what if
It was only right you were the last one to set free
So Ariana your poor gorgeous lass
I hope one day you will forgive me
For what ever happens next