The bloke in the pyjamas
Was full of himself
Wouldn’t stop talking
For over an hour
Thought he was god’s gift to women
Blah blah fucking blah
I eat salad for tea
And pasta for lunch
What’s your age young lady
What an arrogant cunt
Is he better or worse than me
Is he what the modern girls fancy
A turd out in his teddy printed pyjamas
Does this send the girls bananas
I have to compete with teddy boy
Feeling the pinch at forty
Well that puts me under the bus
Being a self styled tramp at fifty
All the girl’s laugh at his way of speech
As his hands touch thighs under the table
If this is what the ladies want
Then I’m jumping under the next slow train to china
I couldn’t read
I couldn’t think
With this crow croaking
Flirting arrogantly
Stating the well obviously
Got her fires warming
It’s so difficult with withdrawal systems
To be polite and keep your cool
But how I wanted to smash his head
Into the marble top
A couple of times
For being such a pyjama wearing
Self-righteous cocksucking