Along the steps
And up some more
Find myself knocking
On that door
My heart was beating
Feeling weak
Planned this out
For many a week
I got a surprise
Her sister in the square
With sweet tired eyes
Heard her say
She would not be at home
Leaving her stepsister
All alone
With suspicion
She opened the door
Why this barrier
I’ve visited before
Not wanting
To lose prescious time
I pushed on into
Her warm abode
I had something to pawn
But it wasn’t real
A distraction
Made of wood and steel
I had an axe
Hidden in my coat
I caressed in nervously
Waiting for the moment
With the shaft
Hitting her head
A few times later
She was already dead
Her skull bashed in
Blood oozed away
The old spinster
Would not face another day
Checking once and checking twice
Making sure the old coot died
Searching for keys
It was hard work
There was too much
Blood everywhere
Finally in the bedroom
Too many keys
Couldn’t find
What I really need
Couldn’t open
The chest of drawers
So I got down on my knees
On her immaculately clean floor
Under the bed a chest
With all the things she pawned
Half valuable objects
Into my pockets they go
A noise in the living room
What could it be
That’s when I found
Her sister looking at me
Without a whimper
Without a sigh
A knew this poor thing
Had to die
So I struck her with ease
She collapsed quickly
Falling to her knees
Another blow
To finish her off
So much blood on the axe
That I need to wash off
The door was open
What a mistake
Anyone could walk in
And see two bloody lakes
I wanted to flee
But I could not
People coming
Looks like I’m caught
But after some patience
And a long wait
Somehow I managed
To creep out and escape
Into the alleys
Darkness covered my escape
I took the long road home
To my den and my fate
Murder murder I’m just a poor man
Voices in my head all over again
That was then and this is now
The hot streets of Saint Petersburg
Sweat on my brow.