I think you talked too much
It’s funny how you squeak now
My ears will be better for it, ah
Your poor thing, no you can’t have a
Is upon us
You’ve got a week
To stay silent
And refrain
No japper napper
No wind in your clapper
Speaking like the Zappa
After smoke on the water
Yes it’s deep and purple
It’s a running joke
No more blow jobs I’m afraid
No you can’t smoke
Is among us
Overuse of the vocal chord
It’s so irritating
Extremely frustrating
Honey, oh thank you lord
Will not stop it
It will ease eventually
It’s so inflamed
You’re too blame
You wouldn’t shut your trap
From squeaking like a mouse
To snoring like a duck
You are the phantom of the opera
Just to your luck
Tickling spiders
That run up and down your throat
When you eat it’s like needles
Dancing on your windpipe
So fucking sore
Spreads like vaginas
On a hot stormy night
Fungus infection
Not from a dirty erection
That you swallowed in one go
On that wretched drunken night
Now you have to be quiet
And not get upset
Just soothe yourself
With no regrets
Time heals everything
So until the next time
Please learn about oral hygiene.