There is a monster in all of us
There is a monster in me
A sharp toothed alien
Trying to be set free
From the morning sludge
Of being a zombie
To the midday beat
Of melancholy
I have an ever sharper axe
I’m dying to hold
I want to delicately puncture your neck
May I be so bold ?
Everyone’s a victim
To nature’s death vice
But on this coming Halloween
Wouldn’t it just be nice
If everyone came back to life
All of the undead with a grudge to bear
In the cemetery overflowing everywhere
Hands reaching out of shallow tombs
The second coming from out of the womb
Maggot eaten eyes and a split beaten brain
The deceased badly hidden by the criminally insane
The unfound victims the young hitchhiker’s
The only downfall was to miss the last bus
The abandoned kids left to starve
The drunken woodcutter torn in half
All the extinct werewolves howl at the moon
A macabre sight that will end too soon
Baying for blood screaming for more
Artificial limbs amidst the endless gore
The black cats have all the magic tonight
Sat by the bonfires that somehow reignite
The pulse of the wild, death on the breeze
The vampires come and go as they please
The ghosts have a see through personality
The phantoms haunt the castles endlessly
Pirates who search for centuries old loot
The hangman lost his head when he learned to shoot
The guillotines slice back to life
Henry the eighth argues with all his six wives
Rivers turn to red as the drowned rise from the seabed
How marvelous they look those undead
Population explodes it’s an eerie sight
All the corpses haunt us this Halloween night

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