My mouth is too big
Can’t find it’s shoes
Going to kick my own teeth in
All because I did it again
Can’t keep my mouth shut
It’s bullshit overload
I put a price on my head
And it’s too much for anyone to afford
I’m a Christmas cracker
Sold for a discount in the Easter heatwave
I’ve an infectious cunt
Sick sadistic and fucking naive
I’m stuck on something
So hard it won’t scrape off
I’m just a stuck up arsehole
Once I get to know
I get stuck on you
Like there’s no tomorrow
I’m as sweet as a bar of shit
I just can’t get over it
Promised myself not to be a cunt
I’ve let everyone down again
My fucking mind is so fucking toxic
Burn my eyes and make me blind
Too many bittersweet moments
Go ahead and crush my head in a vice
This bastard needs to be put down
It’s against my will I just can’t be nice
Too many jokes and the fool is me
Blow my head off but my gun is empty
Got too close and too damn confident
Better off in the afterlife
I keep thinking best not talk anymore
Talk all my poems
and shove them up my ass
At least I’ve found a use for all that gore
Don’t wash linen in public
Just stay behind the scenes
Stitch my mouth up with razor wire
Before I say something obscene
Chop off my hands so I can’t write
Everything so far has been utter shite
Deflate my tyres and burn my sails
Stop me travelling coast to coast
Weigh me down with a ball and chain
So this cunt won’t fly again
Ruined my life why should I ruin yours
Feed me to the fish and Santa Claus
Slice me to pieces even the piranhas stay away
Bury me in sand and burn the hay
Stuck on someone
She didn’t deserve this
Stuck up asshole
Are you a witness
Sticky adhesive super glue
Sweet as shit and too close to you