Cold arsed cold man
Warm me up if you can
Twinkle toes happy feet
Reduced fat roast beef
Wish upon a star
But it was an incoming UFO
A little green man
That just wanted me to know
That everything is futile
This world’s a detonating bomb

Before you know it
All this will be gone
He came back to earth
Because he forgot something personal
Something irreplaceable
He had to get back before the boom
He got back in his cockpit
Set the cogs to home
That’s when I tripped over an elf
That resembled a garden gnome
What the fuck you looking at
He yelled looking irate and surprised
Blink your lips close your eyes
now you know everyone dies
He picked up his cap and dusted off his luck
Told me to turn around and shut the fuck up
With some fairy dust he stole from a baby
He vanished with a pff or a fart of a lady
Just as I was taking it all in
I heard a noise from a dusty bin
A two headed mini dragon
Looking for a light
Wow what the fuck are you cried two heads
As if I was the monster in this scene
He tried to spark some life into the conversation
But all we got was just some pathetic steam
Guess I’m not roasting you literally
You will be skewed on the next page
A human kebab cooked to perfection
You might also call it Armageddon
Looking slightly drunk it banged its heads
Fell off the bin and landed strangely on its legs
Hey I’m almost daft as you it laughed
Then took flight and then it left
Finally alone with my thoughts
Am I still surprised I’m human
Well it doesn’t mean shit
When all of this is gone