When lightning hits the Christmas tree
In the desolated town square
See the flames destroy the metal frame
Green plastic dripping everywhere
The star upon the apex
Was blown to holy smoke
The Santa Claus below the tower
Inadvertently started to choke

The Santa Claus below the tower
Inadvertently started to choke
The cameras on the town hall
Had the devastating hit on film
Blurred to fuck but you could see
The devastation plume after plume
When the fire brigade got the call
There was nobody on duty
The council had no funds
For a firemen’s Christmas party
So they went on strike that very night
Didn’t expect no-one to call
So by the time they rounded them up
Basically what was left was fuck all
You could have been proud of what
Was left pointing out of the ground
A new ground breaking piece of art
That was applauded all around
This is what happens
When you take the finger off the pulse
This is your destiny
When you are terrified of the results
Budget cuts and mafia
Cut the decorations to the bone
When someone saw the smoking tree
There was no signal on the telephone
No money to update the network
The influencers were pissed as fuck
When they finally had a real story
They were all marvelously out of luck
When the tree exploded in flames
A direct hit from Thor
The insecure unsafe tree
That look tired and worn
Will not be erected anymore
Won’t be abused anymore
The purists were in agony
A symbol was inflames
Something belonging to their religion
Would never been seen again
But only if they knew
An evergreen tree has nothing to do
With the writings in that book
If Jesus was here today
Do you think he’d give a fuck
For all the symbols that underline greed
The using of resources
When there is no need
When the tourists fight for a perfect pose
Looking elegant in thier finest clothes
Is this what Christmas has become
When the real message is buried
Under all of this bullshit
Maybe that is the reason
Thor set fire to it
If you are religious or not
Just take a look at what we have become
Poisoned with the desire to the best
Stupidest person under the sun
Next year go easy on the gifts
The food and all the festive cheer
When the world is ravaged by negativity
War is always near
So a burning tree can be a sign
To set the record straight
Let humanity stop being
A bunch of greedy arseholes
And start sharing what’s on their plate
Every ending is a time to start a new
So please this time people
Don’t fuck it up again.
Or will you !