Subtle sounds in the underground
Deeper than any thoughts
No breeze will ever please
This poetic juggernaut
Instead of mining away
At some long lost emotion
Time to recycle the old ways
Discarded ideas need your devotion

Just keeping it simple
Just keeping it right
Trying not to scare the reader away
When they lay awake at night
All of my previous thoughts
Were like a tonne of bricks
Falling on to a Victorian greenhouse
Where delicate emotions played
After the brutal episodes of before
People are too scared to read
Now subtle sounds from the underground
Is all what they need
The sound of a trickle from a waterfall
Not the roar is Niagara
They just want a quick little cuddle
So please hide the Viagra
I don’t like to beat around the bush
But sometimes I need to put a lid on it
The reader doesn’t want a heart attack
When he starts to read about my bullshit
Swimming against the currant
Will make a meal of your cake
Now everyone is so pissed with me
Thinking I made a mistake
Subtle changes in my geography
The rocks are already hard enough
When I tee off in the first verse
I always end up in the rough
No destiny will be ever found
If I hit the ball with biggest club
Maybe I should just caress it
Then hide myself in the pub
The clubhouse banned me from appearing
In the new world poetry society
What I write is too overboard
And far too close to insanity
So as I started painting rainbows
And ignoring the voice in my head
The subtle sounds of the underground
Turn darkness into red
A swirling mist on the pure clear water
The oil in the painting starts to flow
Revealing the original sketch on the canvas
That the whole world didn’t know
So what’s under can astound
We can never be sure what lies underground
The fragments of an ancient empire
Just two metres below your feet
Only with delicacy can you find the prize
So put away the sledgehammer
Subtle finds from the underground
And exotic fruits to savor