How many mistakes can you count that you have made, maybe recent mistakes maybe big mistakes that tower over all your other achievements, the ivy devouring the foundations, the muff on the well dressed cake and the rust on the chains of bikes that you can no longer balance upon.

I drink I think I drink i overthink I get myself in trouble for admiring beauty and get scorned for being over passionate about the lies and bullshit and there is so much arrogance and petulance and me me jealousy , fuck them all
You have to be a cunt to be happy and I know a lot of cunts who are heartless and empty but they are happy and they wonder why I am not happy, well it’s because I’m listening to cunts like you . It irritates me listening to your dialogue too sure of yourself claptrap. Obviously I don’t mean you as you the reader the cunt I find next to me dressing like the rapper currently in trend on pistagram new tattoos written not drawn , gold teeth glued in not worn, sunglasses fake and plastic and the baseball cap that’s always been on sale since t-rex at the T-bird .
All this time I write and write but nobody reads anymore unless it’s rap or clap or vismeck cruex or whatever new word you can invent.
If you are one of the ancients you can read my work here.

Come over and smile