Monday morning anxiety overload
On the train all aboard
Clocking on nine to five
Do you have enough to survive
We don’t want to kill ourselves
Working until we are blue
Pulled into the machines
As safety devices are manipulated

Time costs money
Big boss don’t give a toss
When he’s abusing you
Your rights
Your fragile mentality
Get it all done quickly
In harmony
Killed by faulty gas bottles
Killed by a fork lift truck
Killed in the high rise crane
When it collapsed out of the blue
Killed on the railway sidings
Killed by a patient let loose too soon
Killed by negligence of the directors
Killed by the minds of buffoons
Worldwide horror story
The script that shouldn’t be
All we want is to get paid
Without sacrificing me
Cutting corners like cutting throats
Thrown into the deep end can we float
Using machinery without any knowhow
Stop yourselves somehow
The kids have lost their father
Some others have lost their mother
All they wanted was extra bread to serve
To gift their offspring a pizza or holiday
Now another family destroyed
Another factory in mourning
Another director to trying to evade
Because he didn’t listen to their warnings
Stop the deaths stop the killing
Stop manipulating your workforce
Stop the tradegy in the workplace
Let’s work together with dignity

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