26th of december we saw the dark,
we could not distinguish the time,
the darkness could have been before dawn,
but it was later and about nine.
weary heads meet in the kitchen,
the forecast predicted this,
was going to be a long day,
not going anywhere , waiting for a better day.
as time crawled towards noon,
the rain became a torrent,
the gas heater in the hall ran out,
of gas so we was down to one electric heater.
huddled in the kitchen near the stove,
waiting for mother to finish to fry,
the whole house surrounded by cold and wet,
and the rain continued to fall from the sky.
after dinner, we were in a better mood,
father managed to buy another gas bottle,
all shops here are closed on this bitter day,
so being in a close knit community helped.
as warmth crept back into the house,
the rain poured relentlessly,
bored we played and talked,
and occasionally watched the TV.
as we looked forward to a better day,
we found out we were better off than some,
even heavier rain in the north west of italy,
landslides, disasters, and avalanches,
the whole of europe covered in storm,
damage will run into millions,
bad news, rain and snow and a cold epidemic,
all of us waiting for a better brighter day.
in england they fight in the sales,
and the noisey neighbours in blue won,
man united managed another close win,
looks like our season has started to begin.
weatherman says tomorrow will be a better day,
ten in the evening and the rain still pours,
the poor stray ginger cat must be lonely,
blowing its heated breath on to icy paws,
as we sleep we end this bitter day,
waiting for a little bit of sun,
the rain taps relentlessly on my window,
hopefully tomorrow we have some fun.

©D.Hobson December 2013