Saturday afternoon, early for us we normally leave the house at 18.00, Maurizio had kindly invited us to a seminar on drum and bass, the event was due to take place at 16.00, but they were some late arrivals so it got delayed by half an hour.
We entered a building that should be a theatre, the stage was at floor level, black curtains draped from four corners of the room, it smelled of mould and the smell you get when a room is not aired enough. The toilets were hidden somewhere behind the curtains, the seating area was a classic style of a theatre, made out of plywood, the seats plastic the ones you find in most schools, there was even a seating area above me on the side, I thought if I sat up there then it would collapse.
Now accustomed to our surroundings, I focus on the group in the audience, mainly of the younger generation, one kid was ten years old others up to their mid twenties, they were some older people maybe relatives, apart from Elisa only one other girl turned up, we suppose she was a drummer, but she did perform.
Maurizio Bravi asked many times “sorry” as the event got delayed, but soon after he introduced his friends and teachers for this event Stefano Petrocco, the bass player and Simone Di Bartolomeo the drummer.
Leaflets were handed out of music and the lessons for the day, even though I have seen music it was all Greek to me, must study music more.
The event started with some music performed together by Stefano and Simone, finishing with a round of applause by us, the event was to show how much the two instruments are important to each other in modern music.
We were surrounded by music enthusiasts which made us look stupid, we tried to hide from the watching musicians, ashamed of knowing so little about music.
The event got comfortable when the other musicians were invited down to perform and share their enthusiasm with us, following the instructions of the teachers, all pupils were great.
As the time flew by, I cannot tell you everything the teachers said, they talked about filling in, and beats per minute, and how the two musicians must talk to one another through their style of performing.
A break came so everyone could smoke, or in our case nip to the bar for a quick beer, we were shortly joined by Simone who had a quick amaro, and Stefano appeared too, back in the theatre now Maurizio was handing out hot tea and coffee, his mum had stopped by and left some hot cakes to eat, sort of mini donuts , lovely.
For the second half of the lecture, the atmosphere was a lot more friendly and relaxed, Maurizio’s mum watching the proceedings and the young drummers were given a trial on the drums, a ten-year old played the drums like he had been playing for twenty years, amazing to watch, uncomfortable for me not being able to perform any instrument at 41, in fact all the kids were great, shy when talked to, but give them a drum kit and it will be difficult to stop them,
So ended the seminar, it was for us technically difficult, but the way it was taught, the teachers and Maurizio, and the enthusiasm of all people involved made it a great experience.
As Facebook accounts were exchanged and group photos taken the theater suddenly emptied, little shy boys disappearing into the crowd, me and Elisa when to see some of the events being held for the town gala in honour of saint Anthony of abate. (festa di sant’antonio abate).

many thanks to Maurizio for inviting us, and thanks for the patience  of Simone and Stefano.
it was a great experience!

Darren and Elisa

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