So I released another eBook of poetry, good poetry written by a poet, this time I decided it was not going to be free, hey I have published 9 free ebooks, so I am not being tight-fisted!
so what is in this ebook of poetry that it is so good you have to pay for it? here is a summary for you!

Just What A Word’s worth.
The title is a little play on words, dedicated to the poet Wordsworth, the theme of the poem is how the world has changed, books are not read like the old days and the language we use today is all abbreviated or worse still we use smiley faces.

This is a supernatural tale in poetry form, when a man is made to choose between difficult options, is loyalty really the best reply?

This is about history, trinity was the first nuclear project by the USA, detonated in the desert, after this project everything was never the same again.

Smoke and Plunder.
This is a fantasy horror story we have different races fighting against each other and the consequences of a defeat could be devastating for all.

This is a simple poem about me and the muse and our two cats.

This is another short storm in poetry form, part fantasy, when us humans are so desperate and depressed we all want to start a new page.

Crimson Sky.
This is another horror story based on earth, it also includes military experiments gone wrong and the subsequent cover up.

Wandering Eye.
Just to lighten things up, a poem to make you smile, so meet the wandering eye!

A lot of us depressed people have prayed for death or attempted suicide, this poem shows how unromantic death is and what will really becomes of you on the other side.

Wordless, Worthless.
Another look at the way you use words today, when the world is empty of words then the world becomes useless, worthless?

A poem about how writing down our ideas and experiences in writing or just plain poetry, this means those moments of magic or tragedy are kept alive.

Hold This Moment Please.
We all suffer in our daily lives, we have our ups and downs, bad days and good days, and when we have those moments of ecstasy and happiness we would like to press the pause button and say hold this moment please.

So It Ends.
Life is a circle, constantly turning, like this planet we live on, even though the day has ended, or maybe the summer has ended, do not worry because it is not really the end, summer will return soon, or a new day will be born.

To close the book I wrote a fun tale of how we sometimes go to bed, thinking we are ready for a good nights sleep, but in reality it is a whole different ball game.

As you can see I have put a lot of different types of poetry into this ebook, a lot of different themes, positive and negative, evil and good. I just hope someone will read it one day.!

just what a words worth