we are writing the same old verses,
about the same old themes,
maybe we are writing in different languages,
about many people’s shattered dreams.
for one mans madness,
or another mans greed,
the whole world goes to war,
and the whole of humanity bleeds.

wars are dealt to protect oil,
wars are done for a difference of an opinion,
wars are the cancer of humanity,
wars can be conflicts of religion.
the presidents in suits sign the deed,
that makes us go to war,
pushed by the military or an economy,
hungry for oil or power or more.
The Anzio landings were 70 years ago,
the debris is still being found today,
so every new road and rail link built here,
are succumbed to a tedious delay,
from another American bomb found,
still armed and ready to blow,
therefore now imagine all the wars waged,
and how much debris was left behind.
countries living in fear,
limbless kids thanks to landmines,
the worthless arid land now poisoned,
from metals and other war crimes.
the bombings in Serbia have passed,
it must have been 15 years ago,
still the people of that nation,
demand answers that they need to know,
like what chemicals and powders,
were used by the military USA,
and how many years do they have to pay?
with diseases related to the airstrikes,
a cover up , the world does not need to know,
“don’t worry, it’ll be OK ”
but tell that to the infertile cow.
the beautiful seas of Italy,
hide a massive pile of debris,
thousands of bombs dumped by Bush,
washing up on the shores for all to see.
thousand years of wars,
have destroyed so many ways of life,
humanity cries out for freedom,
humanity cries out for free speech,
humanity cries out to be human,
and humans want humanity.
how many innocents does it take,
for the leaders to say war no more?
how many cities must be destroyed,
to eradicate the plague of war.

©D.Hobson January 2013