on my journey to work,
I notice many things,
not all of them beautiful,
but as I drive through,
a few houses called Campoverde,
I found something to tell you,
straight after the traffic lights,
on our left,
some land assigned to allotments,
in a cage, some birds maybe hens,
just going about their business,
between the road and this cage,
on a wall sits an animal in deep thought,
a huge gray fluffy cat,
it is not the first time either.
imagine what the cat is thinking,
is it dreaming of a five-star brunch,
or is it a poet in cats clothing?
finding beauty in every situation?
maybe it is thinking of dinner,
but not in the way you thought,
maybe the cat longs for a date,
with the fattest hen in the coop,
we will never know what it’s thinking,
maybe it’s admiring the new day,
sitting, resting after a long night out,
doing things a cat does in every way,
maybe the cat is trying to understand,
the cluck , cluck of this fine hen,
maybe it wants to learn a new language,
being diverse helps now and then,
maybe the cat is lonely and depressed,
and is admiring this community of birds,
maybe the cat is not thinking at all,
and everything I said was absurd,
maybe we should ask the hen,
does it notice the large gray cat,
maybe the hen cannot see without glasses,
and is unaware to a watching danger,
the story continues almost every day,
one thing on my journey that makes me smile,
just another story in a million untold tales,
another poem to put on the pile.

©D.Hobson January 2014