just when you are getting yourself into some sort of rhythm , with writing or work or just plain life, along comes a gremlin to stick his bloody smile in between the cogs of the machine you are trying hard to keep well-greased.
well I have been ill which is nothing unusual with the weather how it is, lets just say the weather has been strange, I try to keep my eyes open to events everywhere else besides Italy, and all I see is strange, the great lakes in the US are 70% frozen over whilst in Australia there is forest, bush fires, and the dramatic news that england is under water.
so putting my problems up front means I was getting into some rhythm writing almost every day between working and shopping, and then for ten days I have not written nothing at all, and my WordPress page was forgotten by me and who may read it. now, I have to go back to work tomorrow and get into that flow again of getting up early and doing an eight-hour shift, then I can get back to thinking, which in turn means I can get back to writing, I still have doubts though.
putting my little illness in perspective though are the poor souls who have been suffering since christmas in england, why are these people still suffering? why have they not got the army down there, pumping out water, ferrying in supplies, helping farmers with their wild stock? is all about money? is money more important than lives? is money more important than livelihoods? these people have paid their taxes, worked from dawn to dusk to make ends meet in an ever more harsh world, and the government will only do the minimal to help out? when there is a crisis on this level, when flood water is destroying people’s income , it is up to the government to assist with all resources they have, military, or even inmates to clean up the mess, in this day and age, we have no room to maneuver, the bills need to be paid, and we don’t have the luxury of paying when we feel free to do so, we have to pay within the deadline or some snotty kid will phone you, asking you to pay up or there will be hell to pay.
sat far away from the troubles in England it is hard to imagine the scale of the problem, wicked weather, is it climate change ? is it the end of the world?, these are not things we should be asking, we should be asking, how can we help, how can we get these people back into their normal lives , then we ask what can be done in the future to lower the risk of it happening again.
so my illness seems so petty compared to the problems of other people, I am being paid to be at home to cure myself, whilst these people are losing money every day, they may have lost livestock and not to mention crops, other people will be hit by the loss of tourism, others will be hit by the closure of the railway line, we are already living in harsh times, and when things cannot get any worse, along comes a gremlin with his bloody smile, floods green pastures, destroys thousand-year old landmarks, puts half of Somerset under water and laughs at the dithering politicians.

I hope to everyone affected by wicked weather here in Italy, in England and the rest of the world are keeping safe and warm and wish you a speedy recovery , sometimes your personal problems seems so small and meaningless.

so I stopped writing, I have had my pause for thought and now I can start writing again.

if that is ok with you the readers!

hope all of you have a great week, no matter how bad the weather gets, it cannot rain or snow for ever!

Darren & Elisa