the big,bad clouds have gone away,
the moon is half bright,
sat in the deserted countryside,
in the cold,dark damp night,
as I walk to gather my thoughts,
I see the stars looking down on me,
as they have looked down all along,
on men,women and child for centuries,
so what are they trying to tell me?
all-wise,all-seeing, all-knowing,
so if you are all-wise my burning asteroid,
what is the solution to my woes?
the question would take a million years,
to travel the dark void of space,
I cannot think of time travel right now,
I’m too humble to start a space race,
with all this help around,
I am alone in this big world,
I’m too far from the nearest town,
and my head explodes of problems,
nothing is easy, nothing ever was,
laughter comes too easy sometimes,
laughter is the simplest of the riches,
but it is also so fragile,
just when you have exploded with joy,
someone else takes it away,
just like a shining star fixed in space,
it takes just one cloud to take it away,
as I walk alone in this cold night,
trying to figure out my life,
for all my woes it is not all that bad,
just niggles and scratches of strife,
the stars are telling me and guiding me,
home, where I can find warmth and food,
my weary legs protest of my useless walk,
muscles ache to say that I have been rude,
and in my head,
thoughts of my bed,
so I quicken my pace,
because I’m coming home,
not resolving anything,
I’ve just made myself,
so weak and tired,
and the stars keeping shining above me,
a silent audience from a higher power,
voiceless critics in the sky,
no applause like they are shy,
but for all the silence from above,
they inspired me to return on home.

©Darren Hobson October 2014