the world shakes,
the news flows,
we all wait,
the dreadful news,
we love asia,
we love its history,
we are sad now,
listening to their suffering,
temples have collapsed,
towers too,
but culture can take,
a back seat for now,
what means more,
at this moment in time,
is to help these people,
who are suffering,
right now,
poor people and holy people,
old and young,
buried under their bricks,
and mortar,
and lifelong belongings,
all gone,
heartbeat fading,
digging with bare hands,
to the weak now fading,
the suffering,
the weather does not help,
we have lost a lot of culture,
but the greater loss,
is the dignity,
and the lives of these people,
humble people,
these great people,
who live in such a fragile place,
as Everest shakes again,
avalanches fall,
you dared to step,
into this trap,
now you have to pay,
the deadly toll,
when the suffering is over,
and they have buried,
their numerous dead,
never to forget them,
and this dreadful,
tragic day,
then we can remember,
with tears in our eyes,
the way the square was,
now it is a sight,
for poor, red eyes,
in the end,
people will rebuild,
with sadness,
in their eyes,
the beauty of this nation,
will slowly raise,
but for now,
there is only suffering.
our thoughts are for you,
hoping this will end quickly,
the suffering,
you did not deserve.

©Darren Hobson April 2015

Dedicated to all people suffering in Nepal and the other regions affected by this cruel natural disaster, when the person who lives with you knows every monument affected by this quake it makes things so real, but like I said above, for now the cultural aspects of this disaster, should be forgotten for the time being and all our energy should be focused on saving the people and helping the injured.