Woodland setting,
far from anywhere,
thoughts about nothing,
wind in the hair,
no hustle of people,
just the buzz of bees,
no music to disturb,
the wildlife in the trees,
just thoughts,
gathering no dust,
watching the waterfall,
sprouting from earths crust,
falling freely,
crystal and clear,
pond life so rampant,
wish you was here,
but in your thoughts,
and seedlings of tears,
knowing nothing lasts,
knowing all we touch,
is poisoned,
never to be seen again,
feel its pain,
currently the waterfall falls,
caressing each rock,
as it passes,
over and near,
sprinkling fauna with life,
insects bathe,
down into the pool,
creating such a delicate,
and mild wave,
green is its surroundings,
clear but blue to see,
bringing life desperately,
to you and me,
but in those thoughts,
that are not gathering,
so much dust,
wet is your appetite,
life is your lust,
knowing that when,
the waterfall fails,
everything will be lost,
everything will die,
you sit and guard,
and seek and hear,
watching the waterfall,
dance so near,
knowing one day,
thanks to the human touch,
all waterfalls will fail,
not that it means much,
to those unknowing,
not caring,
with a greedy appetite,
destroying all form of life,
we know it is not right,
until then,
during the day,
I sit close to the pool.
on my mound of hay,
inhaling the sights,
seeing is believing,
wondrous nature,
waterfall massage,
steady and pure,
please keep on pouring,
for many a year.

©Darren Hobson April 2015