funny how you demand,
so much of me,
funny how you wanted,
to give up my loyalty,
so why should I vote,
for a cunt like you,
I have my beliefs,
and they are not blue,
you say communist,
is a dirty word,
you think being left,
is socially unacceptable,
but when you have sown the land,
and bleed for your beliefs,
you would be pissed off,
when the conservatives take it all away,
from Thatcher to Cameron,
and the fake Labour in between,
politicians have raped the land,
how can that not be obscene?
now your are out of work,
and your farmland a parking space,
for some rich kid to practise boy racing,
you can hear the kids scream with delight,
as you close the door,
to your repossessed house,
you failed to pay the government taxes,
the same government who took your job away,
along with it your future,
and they gave you only dismay,
forgive me when I spit,
on the headline news,
you are just fascists,
with old ideas and same old views,
the hard-working people,
left to rot in the street,
with a heavy heart,
they watched another defeat,
as the rich men get richer,
and poorer are forgotten,
I have never seen England,
so broken and rotten,
in the end you have taken it all,
from the gutter I hope one day,
you will fail and fall,
until then I roamed the streets,
in dirty ragged clothes,
when I walk past you,
don’t forget to hold your nose,
the only thing I now own,
is my beliefs and my pain,
wandering back and forth,
wanting to be back in work again,
now I am poor and homeless,
what can you take from me?
I cannot give you what I don’t have,
and I find that so funny!

┬ęDarren Hobson May 2015