A childish fantasy maybe
Some suspicion flashes in your eyes
You want to keep your distance
A mile or two just won’t do
Trying not to break your icy stare
Nervously you twist your hair
Wanting to be everywhere but not here
Before me you ignore me

When we got our wires crossed
Life became a guessing game of lies
Trying to fathom out a crossword puzzle
When we both have salt in our eyes
No-one wants to admit how close we came
To come together with piss and thunder
Now you are only pissed at this useless game
And now you freeze and wonder…

Where do we go from here ?

It was fun yet dangerous the waves we made
Splashing in our bullshit every single night
We yearned for more but so chained in rules
We couldn’t unshackle our fear of becoming fools
When friends become your enemies
You cannot please both sides
You had a temptation a twinging urge
But your friends took out your eyes

Blindfolded yet majestic
Blood curdling screams
Wanting so powerful
I haunt your dreams
A kiss is dangerous
Would it lead to more?
Cracks in the relationships
And branded a whore
A social divide
Translation out of key
Walk away seamlessly
Forget all about me

Into the future
Away from my red mist
A future coloured healthier
Without a sick twist
Walking with confidence
Through thick and thin
In the end what we made
Amounts to nothing

Where do we go from here?

A childish fantasy repeats itself
I am over it time after time again
Inventing fantasy for inspiration
Trying not to absorb the pain
Extracted the sacred juice
From toxic modified fruit
Disposing all of your problems
Worthless to this heartless brute

You didn’t realize I would clone you
And insert you into my poems and dreams
I ironed out your creases and defects
And muffled out your insistent screams
I’ve butchered your memories
Slaughtered what you held dear
I took away your high pitched voice
Made your a little more sincere

Now the hero of my story
Has come to the end of the line
Her use in my poetry ended
Now she can be no longer mine
Set free to cloned female
I will release you from books
Just like a fisherman in stormy seas
Frees the fish from his hooks

So where do I go from here?