There is path towards the light
Or a stairway to heaven so they say
But the light burns my eyes
I’m suffering most at midday
Take your time to surprise
Let me take the dust from my eyes
For your impending doom
Huddle up close make more room
As the light it starts to fade
I’m not your ace of spades
I won’t be a lively spark
As I keep my enemies in the dark

I’ve got a sick smile
When the shadows grow tall
As the corners double up in size
And the gloom goes wall to wall
See my confidence rise
When I’m missing the light in my eyes
Feel the power burn in me
Growing stronger by the minute

I keep the enemies in the darkness
So I don’t have to learn your names
I don’t want to see your shocked faces
When I destroy and end this game
Keeping up the momentum
Going for the jugular
Ride the lightning til the end
Another victory like no other
My enemies are in the dark

Shooting lies and heresy
I will keep your fangs at bay
I’m your horror story come true
When I’m beating the animal out of you
Never will I see the blood flow
The darkness cloaks your demise
I wear the dark like a coat
So I don’t see your fading eyes

You plead for forgiveness as the darkness becomes too cruel
You reach out in hope to find something you can use
A door or a window a hatch to hatch your escape
But nothing comes to hand and you fear you’re too late
One blow comes to nothing you take your final bow
Tongue tied on your own lies the sweat on your brow
Bodily functions embarrass you amongst the foul smell
Here in the darkness I’m leading you all to hell
My vulnerable enemy in the dark

I’ve eaten carrots and the spinach gave me strength
My confidence unbeatable when I’m surrounded by this
I can be an animal I can be stronger that would you could see
‘Cause In the light I’m overweight and docile absently
The claws from the closet scratch you to the bone
You wish you hadn’t replied and wish you never was born
The whip it cracks and lashes against your bloody spine
Vengeance in leather revenge will be so divine

Enemy in the dark
You now wish I was your friend
Sorry that you mocked my words
In between the screaming
You plead to be heard
I monitor you on the monitor
I have infrared on display
It’s an asylum it’s a padded cell
That will see no light of day

Do I feel sorry for the enemy in the dark
Should I show weakness in my minute of glory
Should I confess the violence was soothing
As I got to write another fantastic story
Should I release my victims cure them of their cuts
Try to make sure that they’re not mentally scarred
Will the lesson be learnt or forgotten in days
That’s why I keep them in the dark, always

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