all the girls can wear makeup
be amazing for another cheap magazine
but without the Warpaint on
are you still as pristine

all the girls can be influencers
sponsored by a new label
with fancy food and new shampoo
but are you still human at the table

all! the girls can show their flesh
have a duck face or a good view
filters on highlights of the day
but are you happy with what you do

is it necessary to be seen
or is the money to good to be true
do you like the vulgar comments
from old men who say they love you

is it about the number of followers
to beat the foodie across the street
have you given up your ideals
do you still secretly eat meat

I believe that most of the ladies
stripped of flashy clothes and eyeliner
can be true strong women
positive in attitude life long winner

I always look past the makeup
the uncomfortable cold clothes
if a lady can hold a great conversation
that is the real beauty in you

so cat lovers and book lovers
mind travellers and history buffs
having a wicked smile a gleam in your eye
that is definitely more than enough

I might only have written twice to you
I was happy to get a reaction
now that I’ve found the beauty in you
superficial people don’t give me that satisfaction

so to all the beautiful ladies
now snuggling up to their cats
with their messy hair and chocolate eclair
doodling wildly with their vampire bats
those precious moments unseen
those jewels that are larger than life
these are the real beautiful moments
unfiltered unwatched so uncooked and nice

© darren Hobson 2020