If you could go back when
Would you do it all again
Would you live without regret
Would you wager another bet

Would you date the man who hit you
Cross the bridge where they raped you
Change hospitals to save the unborn
Changing like shoes that are worn

And you would you stay out late
Knowing the day after twisted fate
Half drunk you mounted the machine wrong
A co-worker lost his life that day

Would you see when driving that cursed car
Looking for a fallen cassette in your jaguar
Eyes off the road just for a split second
You ploughed into a crowd of kids

Would you change your destiny
If they could find away to travel in time
How much would you pay to change
But what is the real price of manipulating the past

What if someone was against you
Travel back in time to when your folks met
Made sure they didn’t copulate that night
Erasing you from the plains of this earth

Ethnically would it be right
To sneak off in the middle of the night
Around about October 1971
Fishergate Preston railway pub

Stop my folks from hooking up
Telling my dad some fairy tale
If I was erased how many people would be happier
Who would write these awful poems for you

So would you go back and change every war
How many more humans would be alive today
Warn people of catastrophic events and harm
The world would-be overpopulated even more

There is a huge price to pay in deciding who lives or dies
Like keeping someone in a coma for thirty years
Where do we draw the line on what is wrong or right
Who decided who is first to be vaccinated

Maybe it’s better not to wish our lives away
All the tragic events leave a scar or worse
We can’t meddle with time it’s too volatile
Even if we think our lives are cursed

It would be good to change events
But we could never count the loss
For the good or the bad we can’t calculate
We can’t decide on a life by a coin toss

We have to be humble and sane
Try not to make the same mistake again
We have the scars to remind us of it
Mentally we just have to move on