Not every story has a happy ending
Not every story ends well
There is a never a pot of gold under the rainbow
Don’t bet on the wishing well

Family outing to Terracina
Driving along via Appia
A BMW full kids heading back
I guess fate got in the way
Head on collision a tragedy
The police were witnesses to this misery
Disintegrated vehicles twisted metal
One survivor their baby Roseanna

High-speed trains are the future
A family heading south to their roots
First train early start home for lunch
I guess fate got in the way
Maintenance on the tracks that night
Something went drastically wrong
The points were installed badly
The train at full steam hit the spot

Derailed at 300 kph in the countryside
Most of the passengers and crew died
The train rolled over so many times
It was hard for the rescuers to begin
Between the luggage and body parts
They found a survivor in her baby chair
She was the only survivor that day
Who would look after her now

Lockdown is finally over
The summer has almost begun
Family outing so let’s climb a mountain
Let’s take the gondola ride up there
Almost at the summit
Fate comes back to play
The gondola falls and rolls
Tragedy in such a cruel way

The owners of the ride knew
They had interfered with the machine
Emergency brakes were blocked
Something I find obscene
A whole family wiped out
It should have been a day of fun
I hope someone pays for this
Yet again the survivor was a young one

Shopping trip to the paradise city
Eldest child just wants to dress pretty
Quick lunch in the burger bar
IRA bomb in the bin cuts them to shards
The sound of broken glass falling
From the damaged office blocks
A vile attack on daily life
Fate again let the survivor be one

All this little kids survived a tragedy
Fate took their parents away
What was meant to be happiness
Instead it turned to a bleak day
Growing up alone with mental scars
Hard to stick to the day by day planner
I feel sorry for these lucky people
But who will look after our Roseanna?