Afternoon friends, things are starting to get sorted, everything is starting to make sense, I just need my friends to help me share the news with the world.
here is what is going down so far.
Summer 2013 / Winter 2013 A decision was made to go full throttle with my poetry after years of neglecting “my talent” I rearranged and enrolled on many social network sites and started getting a following.
current social network status
Facebook main 557 friends
facebook page 222 likes
Twitter followers 2455
Wordpress blog 482 followers
Google account 186 followers
Pinterest account 36 followers
Goodreads account 483 friends

so I am currently trying to get more followers on all these sites, but it is time-consuming, my main objective is to write new material.
book status as of today, in correct order, please find these titles on your local e-book provider / site.
book 1 > Just… The Beginning (1.99 euro) available
book 2 > Just For Free (free ebook) available
book 3 > Pushing my Luck (1.99 euro) available
book 4 > Poetry Tails currently work in progress to be available in July 2014
book 5 > poetry ebook in italian (work has not started yet)

during compiling and translating my fifth book in italian, I will be writing and completing my first full length novel code name “LL” . I came up with the idea yesterday, and today I decided to make it into a trilogy!

So join me somewhere, rate me, message me or just say hello