I can see the book cover on Amazon, it is not the best cover in the world, it was not intended to be, I want to show a side of me that some people may or may not like, some people do not find certain things funny, irony a sort of joke.

When I had a lot of material to place in different books, Poetry Tails was meant to be the cherry on the cake, because the other poems where love poems, angry poems, reflections of daily life poems, dancing cats poems, but the ones left over where true stories, little stories that could be found in a twilight zone episode. they are ghoulish tales but not at all graphic, there is no blood splattered pages this time, tales of woe and darkness with out the details.

it is shame that not one curious person has bought my book, they have not even downloaded the ebook, there is nothing more I can do than wait and be patient, I know what I have written is super it might not be popular or classical, but some of these poems will make you smile.

if you read the news today there are conspiracies that the Ebola virus was made in the USA to destroy and keep under control the rising population! how many other diseases have been man-made? In one of my poems written in the summer of 2013 I actually wrote the poem Mist and Snowfall, basically about the american military testing on their own people. This means not all my poems are just my grim imagination but instead a reflection of what the world thinks and sees.

Another poem Lavender girl is based on a real life legend of a haunted house in Preston called Chingle Hall, how about a zombie attack on Rome?, I take you dancing in the afterlife, I  give you history and geography too.

My poems are funny or brutally honest, they do not follow no rules, I do not always rhyme , my writings are there to say something, to underline something to point something out, I want you to know about history and geography and all the things that makes my life whole.

I would not say I have failed in this last year of writing, I am impatient I cannot help that, somebody somewhere has read a poem of mine, and that in itself is a great achievement. even though results are not promising my close friends tell me to continue and one day maybe someone will actually understand my humour, until then I will just have to overload your web feed with new poems.

that cats have not danced their last dance yet.

to be continued!