Say what you mean,
Live your dream,
Forget the in between,
Just say it,
Be it,
Don’t shake your head,
Don’t dare say no,
Grab the day,
Get with the flow,
No use puffing,
And panting,
Getting frustrated
And ranting,
Just say what you mean,
Without being obscene,
Use a little thought,
Don’t reach the paranoid,
That will lock you in,
Jailed no good,
When life goes on,
What is in your blood,
Say what you mean,
Say it like you meant it,
Spend your life,
Don’t get in debt,
With demon thoughts,
And second chances,
The moon rises,
The unicorn dances,
Before the fairy flees,
Before the dawn comes,
Toss the dice,
Learn what is fun,
Parallel lines,
Twisted thoughts,
Say what you mean,
The truth of course!

┬ęDarren Hobson June 2015