Words sometimes are never enough,
Days after the tears,
Weeks after the pain,
Memories come back again,

Words like gone too soon,
So unlucky in love,
He did not deserve to die,
Not in that terrible way,

He left behind a lot of people,
Artists and musicians, friends,
They all pulled themselves together,
Made something out of the misery,

A day full of hope and joy,
Children painting and dancing,
Hula-hoops twisting, vinyl discs too,
Town market square full of life,

Surrounded by greenery and colours,
Dancing artists all in the name of fun,
All for the memory of Manuel,
Hands clapping in unison,

The weather was not at its best,
But the rain did not come to spoil,
The crowd stayed out very late,
Burning the midnight oil,

The pizza houses were busy,
As well as all of the restaurants here,
Taking a break to eat some food,
Soon it would be time for beer,

As the music poured from the stage,
Reggae music caressed the crowd,
We all clapped and cheered for Manuel,
Like the music we were very loud,

We sat near to Manuel’s parents,
Who seemed to enjoy the party,
Everybody came over to hug them,
There was not a dry eye in the house.

Daniele was sipping on a mojito,
Saying it was not as good as Manuel’s,
Just at that moment he spilt his drink,
On himself, maybe it was Manuel’s doing!

Daniele continued to describe his friend,
He was the icon of the piazza,
Everybody talked about his life,
That had no happily ever after,

T-shirts were bought in his name,
We drank to celebrate his life,
The air turned cold but we all stayed,
Wearing scarves at the end of May,

The music continued we don’t know how,
A three hour marathon of song,
Everybody was dancing in the street,
Everybody joined, we could do no wrong,

The community was brought together,
Different races and different smiles,
Different cultures mixing with art,
It was a great night out on the tiles,

To be part of such an event,
To be part of this circle of people,
This is humanity and love for one another,
We raise our glass, we salute you Manuel!

Dedicated to Manuel Sanges