I beg to differ when I have a difference of opinion
My heart says one thing my brain states another
I don’t plead with my soul or pray for redemption
I’ve done my time in the after school detention

Sometimes I’m tired of seeing the world differently
At best my eyes are strained from all the smoke
The screen and the mist and a line of unbreakable lies
Stubborn mules laughing at the worlds demise

I look inside me and I feel so hollow and distraught
All my views and beliefs are unwanted and never bought
I’m writing through tears as I sweat out my appetite
but my poems are forgotten by the time day becomes night

I’m seem to be carving my words into a dirty sandpit
The tide of the audience don’t read past the title
By the next day my words erased from all but my mind
I feel so superficial why do they hate my mind?

I won’t follow the sheep into the abattoir
I won’t bow down no matter how much I suffer
Knowing I will never break through from my miserable words
Depressing reality that is seen but not heard

Some days I have strength and confidence to see it through
But one thousand words are only seen by so few
No matter where I write or try to perform
I end up taking a backwards step feeling so worn

Somebody told me I am great at writing my views
I beg to differ because it seems like old news
There are so many writers who can beat me to death
I am here on a melting glacier and holding my breath

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