Attention seekers
Twitter universe
Writing nonsense
Wanting a retweet

Throwing rattles out of his pram
Mommy forgot to change his diaper
He’s not eaten his rusks today
He’s a diarrhea shooting sniper

Hey mate
This ain’t a debate
You don’t understand music at all
So don’t call him a cheeseburger
The wildhearts rule
And you don’t know fuck all

So how many likes did you get
Or hearts or retweets or banned ?
Does writing bullshit please you
Do you now feel like a man

Have you ever been to a gig
Did Lemmy make your ears bleed
Maybe Anselmo was a little blunt
Or Vince Neil a little tease ?

Hey mate
Bet you can’t relate
Us old timers have done it all
So don’t call anyone a cheeseburger
The fucking wildhearts rule
And you still know fuck all

We was there from almost the beginning
Earth Vs the wildhearts, what a suckerpunch
After that we all got phuqed
Fishing for luckies and fuck eastwest

The end came with endless nameless
Yet the band refused to die
Now the wildhearts are back and in form
And you can fuck off and die

Hey mate
Don’t make us irate
Don’t you knock the Renaissance Men
So don’t call him a cheeseburger
The wildhearts strike back
Would you like to hear it again

Hey mate
It’s getting late
Mommy will tuck you into bed
Even the rockin queen
Loves the almighty wildhearts
And she’s going to cut off your fucking head