There’s is nothing better than relaxing with you
Put on a little music so we can sing along
But you don’t like my movies or books
Whatever I listen to it’s just not your song

Why can’t you understand
This means the world to me
Sitting in silence all day
Will be the death of me

Wish I was looking at the world with someone
Exploring history or local cuisine
But I’m too old to be doing that anymore
Sat inside like a sad has been

Why can’t you understand
This world means everything to me
Sitting in inside all day
Will be the end of me

It’s been such a long time since a saw cinema
A long time ago I can went to the theatre
But you don’t act that way
And the moving picture flickers too fast

Why can’t you be like someone else
Who has an idea of living this life
Now we are all scared of our shadows
Hiding and waiting until tomorrow

Picnics in the woods covered in flies
Food to floor automatically covered in ants
It always rains when we organise an event
Soaked to the bone soggy underpants

Why can’t I do things like before
Just put on my jacket I’m out the door
Now it seems I need permission to speak
To go out for an hour we prepare in a week

A stroll and a laugh down old tram road
Listening to the gurgle of the river flow
Victorian parks and Edwardian landscapes
Boiled eggs in spring and winter snow

Sipping wine and looking into the forum
Preston bus station or the Colosseum
Unearth the magic in archaeology
Do it by myself it’s quicker you see

Why can’t the world be like yesterday
Fresh and clean with no hint of grey
Nobody to share the ups and downs
But I have no energy to change town.