Like riding a roller coaster
The ride to the top is slow
For the few seconds on top, a high
The drop is coming don’t you know

On the crest of a huge wave
All my friends come look at me now
The sharks are close and waiting
They are circling real slow

The worst thing about being naturally high
The adrenalin is sweet nectar
There is only one more way to go
That’s down down down.

Free fall
Losing my grip
On my penthouse perch
Free fall
Without a parachute
I fall down faster
Free fall
My decline is inevitable
No one saw it coming??
Free fall
The descent is always quicker
Gravity pulls at me
As I come down down down

Could be my reputation
Or even a descent into hell
Alcoholism a lead weight
Falling into a well

With no one to break my fall
No belay device to slow me down
A long hard drop into the unknown
Into the belly of the beast

A misjudged turn
Over confidence
Chemical abuse
Incoherent mind

Lack of focus
Clouded judgement
Waves of depression

Leading to a sharp decline
A personal minefield
Don’t take your eyes off the road
Unless you want to hit a tree

Passing of years could bring
A deterioration of mind and psyche
Erosion of mental strength and stamina
Muscles that succumb to atrophy

Bed ridden for months
Fed by tube no solid food
Laziness to the highest extreme
Suspected Diogenes syndrome

How can a human form stoop so low
Especially only yesterday on a high
How many people are here and lonely
Clinging on to life after a free fall

The fragile climb of who scales peaks
The oxygen thinner but the view is phenomenal
Only a slender rope means live or death
Clinging on to power without regret

We are all going to fall in one form of another
Our survival depends on how mentally strong we are
Too many of us are ill prepared for any set back
Most of us too proud to reach out for help

Plummeting into dark depths alone
We didn’t realize we were in free fall
Realisation only when it’s out of control
I don’t have the courage to yell help me

As we ignore the problems and warning signs
Having a stampede party with hidden land mines
He didn’t just blow his fuse it was a catastrophe
Blew his future out right in front of me

Whistling as you fall down down down
How many Gs can a human take
About four of five is enough for you
Beware then of your next critical mistake