Sunday special day
Or still another workday
Lockdown every town
Illegal strolls on the promenade
Cold hostile weather
Nude photos in the snow
Jingle bells red and ringing
How low can you go?

So it’s valentine’s Day
San Valentino
Let’s sell a million cards
That won’t be recycled
The only thing recycled on this godforsaken day
Are those red roses poems
Where’s the originality
It’s a bad day for poetry

You won’t see me
In a crowded pizzeria
Going to a disco on the beach
I’ll go nowhere near
Not on this day
Not ever

You spend 300 days looking for the one
Fighting over the scraps in the piazza
Sitting on the benches clicking dentures
Who will have the courage to date her
Lovers corner in the nightspot
Taking a photo here for a memory
Fake smiles and a false d’accordo
Put that photo in your dead gallery

You won’t see me
Holding hands in public
Or going overboard with bleach
I’ll go nowhere near
The lobotomy chair
Not ever

You managed to book a sweet spot
By the sea selling expensive fish
To break the ice you farted twice
Now she’s choking on a bone or two
The cheap white house wine
Burnt a hole in her cute little throat
Now driving in your cheap suit
Heading to the local hospital

You won’t see me
Giving any pity
To all the people with food poisoning
I’ll go nowhere near
A crowded uncivilised ristorante
Not ever

Unqualified waiters can’t hold a plate
Just 16 in her mum’s high heels
She brought the spaghetti to the table
You politely insist you didn’t want them on your knees
Mamma mia look at what you did
We’ve got lobster on the floor fighting with a squid
The fresh fish exceptional but still fucking frozen
What did you expect from a bunch of kids

You won’t see me
Getting food poisoning in a five star dump
With inflated prices and rude chefs
I’ll go nowhere near
That risotto with a barge pole
Not ever

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Slap his hand away when he grabs your arse
Don’t say it with broken teeth say it with flowers
Get a taxi home don’t expect anything after hours
Don’t drink the whole bottle of cheap rum
Sit down in a corner protect your bum
Keep your jacket on cover up your boobs
This guy’s a leech he loves his booze

You won’t see me
Ever in action
Fighting over a girl with pretty hair
I’ll go nowhere
The barbers
Not ever

You won’t see me
Running as mayor
So you won’t see me anywhere
I’ll go nowhere
This day this lonely day
Not ever