I walk alone in my cold
Shrouded persona
Not looking at anything
In particular
People walk by me
I’m invisible to them
You can’t be part of this town
If you weren’t born here

Here is where I am

I use to walk so much
My chore was daily
Walking away often
Nothing here for me
Turning the pages
In an interesting book
Bored with my tired feet
And my general outlook

Sometimes I walk far
And other times wide
Searching for an answer
Somewhere I can hide

That is where you found me

Looking down at my feet
Wasn’t watching where I was going
You stood deliberately in my path
On an uneventful spring morning
You didn’t get out of the way
That was your intention
You had no reason to let me pass by
There you stood, you lit up my sky

You caught me by surprise

I was totally confused
didn’t know what to say
You said you always watched me
Waddle on by
You was intrigued
To know what was on my mind
You struck out a smile
The intensity made me blind

You don’t want to do this

With thunder still in my eyes
And a heart full of gunpowder
I have paranoid voices in my head
The explosions are getting louder
You made me look into your eyes
I was afraid to show the real me
You was curious and warm
You saw the cracks in my reality

I didn’t know what to say

I was lost for words
But I found you intriguing
I stuttered and muttered
I wasn’t so flattering
My tongue was tied
My heart was pounding
I didn’t know you
Yet your voice was reassuring

And I said
In a moment of clarity
Just before you turned
And walked away from me

You light up my sky
And I don’t know why
You presence is electrifying
With all that you generate
The way you are searching
Deep into my eyes
I can’t be ashamed
Can’t be made of lies

Opening my heart
Letting the cold out
Feeling some warmth
Letting out doubt
Waiting for your reaction
None came
You just walked off
I was alone again

I don’t know who you are
I’m not sure you are real
You made me live and die
It was so surreal
You opened me up
You let yourself in
Then you ripped me to shreds
Without feeling anything

What was your purpose
Was it a charade
A bullying tactic
To see my mistakes
Did you enjoy that
Did you get high
Abusing me that way
Just tell me why

For a split second
On a chilly spring morning
I thought my luck had changed
Without any warning
But now I just see
What you did to me
You murdered my ambitions
By violating me

Here is where I am

I sense the laughter
As you inform everyone
Repeating my words
Like some sick love song
You lit up my sky
Words without foundation
Invented on the spot
Unwanted admiration

Was this real
Why did I feel
Letting my guard down
Never again
Never Again
Was it a game
Bringing me shame
Make me small
Taking it all
From cloud nine
To a stormy sky
No rainbows
No sunsets
Only tornadoes
And regrets