A moment ago I was ready
A thousand ideas in my head
Now that I can write down my words
I have just emptiness there instead
I was maybe being ironic
When I said the computer was left of me
But what good is a decent joke
If it won’t express itself to me

Instead of words I see ghosts
No historical fiction just blank facts
A flowing pen has become a broken pencil
Looks like I’ve been halted in my tracks
Staring at blank pages
Another computer screen
Overthinking a hundred words
That don’t bring joy to me

Maybe the page is too white
I should bleed all over the sheet
Placing perfect precise pictures
As if I was directing actors on stage
Trying not to use the same shade
A thousand ways to get dark
Staying away from delicate arguements
A bleeding fish don’t play with sharks

Trying to balance the flow
Making the correct verses and sounds
If the words fall off the page
On the filthy floor they won’t be found
When tired eyes can’t read
When clotted scars won’t bleed
A little poetry from the heart
Is the only thing you will need

Searching deep and far
Tell the world who you are
Don’t shy away from your past
Break it up, this poem won’t be the last
Try to inject some kind of energy
A few sprinkles of magic
Let everyone in your door
Just try not to be too tragic

Half way through taste the flavour
I don’t think there is enough spice
Don’t get your dirty knickers in a twist
That foul comment wasn’t nice
I’m not the marrying type
You won’t hear wedding bells
I walk many times on polluted beaches
But I don’t collect the radioactive shells

Just when I thought I had a blank page
I woke up to find it full
Somehow I had written some more
I just hope it makes sense
Grammatically damaged interpretation
Commas went missing in verse three
This poem is dedicated to everybody
Who can still tolerate me.