everybody loves the sea,
everybody wants to be by the seaside,
with the sun it makes you happy,
so why cannot you order a taxi?
there is a big blue coach,
a big fat train full of graffiti,
but no mini buses for the old ladies
and no taxis for the rest of us,
by the seaside,
we walk four miles for the best sand,
under august sun
we walk four miles for the free beach,
it is a tourist attraction,
full of history,
we need the donkeys here,
because we have no taxi,
who will bring the luggage from the station,
poor father breaks a sweat,
why should tourists come here.
will it be something they regret?
we need a taxi,
when it is 35 degrees,
and the sun is hot,
and you are four miles away
on a beach,
on a perfect summers day,
you enter the pizzeria,
far too late,
you are sweating like a factory worker,
large puddles on the floor,
you are thrown out,
for being too sweaty,
and at the wrong time,
when has running a taxi service
become a crime?
I can see the other end of the bay from here,
just beyond the port,
how I would love to see the whole coast,
maybe I should hire a boat,
where unemployment is so high,
the out of towners cry,
the tourists in the summer sun,
gasping for air and wanting water,
they all wilt and die,
all they wanted was a taxi service,
they would have been so happy,
paying over the odds,
but nobody can run that business here,
why we will never know,
I have an appointment tomorrow,
it is time for me to go,
the donkey is waiting outside,
we have got a long ride,
to the end of the universe,
it is going to be a first,
strolling at one mile per hour,
oh lord help me,
and give me the power,
the unnatural urge,
to call a simple taxi!

©Darren Hobson February 2015