I know of this ghoul
Who has been a fool
Got some nonsense in its head
Since the last full moon
It has changed its tune
Doesn’t like being the undead

Strange things happen at sea
On land we have found something silly
Got some nonsense in its head
Since it changed its tune
Wanting to see morning and noon
Wants to be alive instead

I know of this ghoul
Who wants to go to school
Feed the nonsense in its head
Wants to eat sardine butties
And peanut butter so nutty
Getting giddy over the super spread

Strange things happen at night
The ghoul does not feel alright
Got some nonsense in its head
It would love to see the sun
Dance and have a barrel of fun
Fall in love and maybe get wed

I know of this ghoul
Who broke the first rule
When it got some nonsense it its head
Who would love to play football
Score a wondrous goal
Instead of a tap in with its head

Strange things happen when we are away
The ghosts and ghouls come out to play
Most of them with no nonsense in their heads
But our strange dead friend
Is driving us around the bend
With the undead life he dreads

I know of this ghoul
What an utter fool
Got all that nonsense in its head
He stinks like a sewer
With aftershave of manure
“ruvina” is all that it said

With this little tale
The ghosts start to wail
Get that nonsense out of your head
Get back into the chains
Get moaning into the drains
Start being the evil undead!